TACO's story

I love fashion, the opportunity to express yourself through clothing choices and creating a great statement outfit brings me so much joy. It can mean a great day or a flat day.

I grew up as a 'tomboy'. I felt too big for most things so would opt for a baggie t-shirt and pant combo. Something I could hide within.

As I grew out of my awkward teenage phase, I learnt about what styles suited my body shape. My confidence in outfit choices blossomed.

When I created TACO my initial inspiration was to create great quality workwear, that had something a little extra, something exciting! A shimmer or sparkle or embellishment! Pieces that work effortlessly from your day in the office to wines with friends at your local.

Since founding my label, I feel like the entire world has shifted; COVID19 struck and we no longer work from the office 5 days a week. I also had a baby and am personally working through the ups and downs of a changing body after multiple pregnancies.

All of my experiences have taken me to this point, my direction and purpose as a fashion label. I want to create clothes that are easy, that get you, I want to make clothes that you feel great in and celebrate our beautiful silhouettes.

And because it's important to me, ethically made in Australia.

Thank you for supporting TACO.